Cleveland Cavaliers rookie Isaac Okoro was born in January 2001, five years after “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” ended its legendary run. In that sense, you can hardly blame the Cavs youngster for not being up to speed on his “Fresh Prince” trivia.

But, despite his youth, teammate and noted jokester Javale McGee isn’t letting the 20-year old off the hook.

On Friday morning, the veteran center posted a video on Instagram showing him roasting the rookie (and teammate Dylan Windler) in the Cavs’ locker room for a lack of “Fresh Prince” knowledge.

“Where is Will Smith from in the “Fresh Prince?” McGee asked.

Shamefully, Okoro was unable to come up with an answer:

McGee then turned to Cavs teammate and white guy Dylan Windler — who was born in 1996 — and asked the same question. McGee even threatened to take away Okoro’s “Black card” if Windler knew the answer.

Windler couldn’t come up with the answer right away, though it’s unclear if he was on the cusp of getting it. Before he could, though, Okoro interjected, shouting “West Philadelphia!” from across the locker room.

However, Okoro doesn’t get any credit for arriving at the answer, as the Cavs rookie obviously looked it up on his phone. McGee immediately called the rookie out.

Of course, McGee’s question was not exactly difficult trivia. The answer is not only part of the premise of Will Smith’s iconic sitcom, it’s mentioned in the first lyric of the classic theme song. (“In West Philadelphia born and raised, on the playground was where I spent most of my days…”)

These Cavs youngsters need to freshen up on “Fresh Prince.”