In the aftermath of the closure of Cleveland’s trade with the Boston Celtics, fellow Seattleite Jason Terry assured his dear friend Isaiah Thomas will be fine in regards to the health of his injured hip.

“He’s healthy and he’ll be ready to go,” Terry, who is also slated to re-up his contract with the Milwaukee Bucks, told TMZ Sports.

The Jet didn’t stop there, as he also promised the Washington standout would get paid this upcoming season.

“All-Pro, nothing’s gonna change and the Brinks truck will come out,” he said. “Even if LeBron leaves, they gotta build around somebody and Isaiah is the perfect candidate.”

The 18-year veteran was asked who got the better of the trade, opting to play it by ear rather than toss out an unfounded prediction. But the cagey sharpshooter ultimately offered how it all looks on paper, giving his buddy Thomas a little edge in the race.

“It’s yet to be seen, but Boston lost four starters, that’s tough to replace. Chemistry is everything in this league,” said Terry. “If you look at Cleveland, they got an elite defender and now they have two All-Pro point guards. That’s tough to beat.”

While both teams are bound to look different at the start of the season, health and chemistry will play a huge role in how these teams get their season underway. If Thomas is unable to start the season, as expected, Derrick Rose will be one less perimeter shooter for a team accustomed to four knock-down deep threats in the lineup.

Conversely, if the Celtics’ four new starters can get on the same page early, it won’t take long before they claim their stake among contenders for the Eastern Conference crown.