Pre-game outfits have become a common talking point in the NBA community. What was once an afterthought has become a point of interest for many fans. So when Cleveland Cavaliers star Jarrett Allen showed up to All-Star Weekend in a simple hoodie and pants, fans relentlessly clowned him on Twitter for it.

In a media interview, Allen expressed his confusion about the commotion about his outfit. The Cavs star thought it was fine, since, well, other outfits seemed extravagant. (via NBA on ESPN)

The Cavs center would also go to Twitter to explain himself, saying that dressing casually was his preferred way of dressing up.

In this era of players dressing up with outlandish outfits, Jarrett Allen showing up to the prestigious All-Star event in very casual clothing is unique. It’s reminiscent of another All-Star center, Tim Duncan, who would famously show up to the games in bland attire. Compared to guys like LeBron James and Russell Westbrook, the Cavs center stands out like a sore thumb.

Fans are clowning Allen for wearing “drab” clothing despite making so much money. However, there’s nothing inherently wrong with dressing up lavishly. There’s something satisfying about seeing the Cavs All-Star not give a single damn about clothing, and instead wearing what he wants to wear.

Besides, he might just be wearing those clothes since he lives in Cleveland already. What’s wrong with wearing the most casual outfit you have in a city where you live in? At the very least, Allen at least has a defender in Kendrick Perkins about his outfit.