It’s the NBA Playoffs, so physicality is always on a heightened mode on the court, and New York Knicks guard Jalen Brunson got reminded of that again Tuesday night in Game 2 of this Eastern Conference first-round series when he received a bone-crushing hit by Cleveland Cavaliers big man Jarrett Allen that left him in pain on the floor.

Allen had no intention to hurt Jalen Brunson, though, as he was merely trying to open up space for Cavs teammate Caris LeVert, who was able to get enough space to launch an uncontested jumper.

That’s not stopping some on Twitter from saying otherwise, though.

“Jarrett Allen out here hurting people,” Twitter user @mindOfAI said.

“Jarrett allen literally playing football but no calls,” @nick_johnson019 chimed in.

From @HENNERGIZED: “Jarrett Allen is playing the 90s basketball that everyone* misses.”

“Jarrett Allen playing dirty af,” an angry @Chicago_Soprano thought.

However, others have Allen’s back.

“Jarrett Allen is the nicest dude in the NBA,” said @DanielJKno.

@DFLOOO is also liking what’s seeing from Allen and the Cavs: “Allen is beating up Brunson tonight. When the bigs show up good things happen. ”

Allen only scored five points in the first half of Game 2, but he also grabbed five rebounds to go with two assists. Plus, the scoring load mostly has been carried by Darius Garland, who exploded for a total of 26 first-half points to lead the Cavs erect a 20-point lead after two quarters, 59-39.

Back in Game 1, Allen had 14 points and 14 rebounds in 43 minutes of a 101-97 loss.