The Cleveland Cavaliers have been a revelation this season, currently sitting in fifth place in the Eastern Conference with a 19-13 record. A big reason for their early success is their Big 3 (literally) of Jarrett Allen, Evan Mobley, and Lauri Markkanen. The Cavs tend to go big with their starting five and all these three have managed to build some great chemistry together.

Allen recently spilled the tea on how he, Mobley, and Markkanen have managed to get on the same page and by no surprise, it goes a lot deeper than just on the hardwood. Via Uproxx Dime:

“We try and do everything that we can together,” Allen said. “We have a bigs group chat, just so that we can stay connected. ‘Cause a lot of it is learning each other’s identity off the court.”

You’re not going to find many lineups in the NBA with three players that are are 6’10 and over, but it’s worked out very well for the Cavs. Allen is leading the way with 16.8 points per game, while Mobley, one of the most promising rookies in the league, is putting up 13.8 points.

Although Markkanen isn’t shooting the three-ball at a high clip (32%), his length and size have fit perfectly beside his two Cavs teammates. Cleveland’s defense has definitely benefited from the chemistry built between the three youngsters as well, sitting third in the Association in defensive rating. Allen even revealed that head coach J.B. Bickerstaff is making sure his bigs find comradery by putting them on the same team in practice sessions.

After all, one has to know what the other is going to do. Spending time together and understanding each other’s tendencies is huge and the Cavs are reaping the rewards. Let’s hope it results in a playoff spot in 2022.