Cleveland Cavs center Jarrett Allen has emerged as one of the NBA’s best young big men. However, some out there- certainly not Cavs fans- are still unaware of just how good Allen really is. Well, Allen is on a current streak that has only been equaled by two other players in the last 50 seasons, one of them peak-Dwight Howard.

That is impressive company indeed. Look at the names! Cavs center Jarrett Allen is being mentioned in the same sentence as players such as Wilt Chamberlain, Dwight Howard and Rudy Gobert. One of those players in the NBA Hall of Fame and the other two have taken home Defensive Player of the Year awards, among other accolades.

But wait, there’s more. Look at what Allen is doing for the Cavs over his last six games. That is very Howard-esque.

This is bordering on ridiculous. Cleveland is playing the former Brooklyn Net a career-high 33.3 minutes per game and he is rewarding their confidence in him with career-best numbers in points, rebounds, assists, and field-goal percentage, which he currently ranks third in the NBA in. Shades of Dwight Howard on the Orlando Magic.

No one is saying that Allen will be the next Dwight Howard or anything. But what Allen is, and will continue to be, is one of the best centers in the NBA on both ends of the floor.