Despite already making a public apology for his untoward comments against the Cleveland Cavaliers, the s–tstorm Denver Nuggets guard Isaiah Thomas has gotten himself into does not look like it’s going to die down anytime soon. Former NBA player and ESPN analyst Jalen Rose is the latest to share his two cents worth on the matter, claiming that Thomas was not being entirely truthful about his statement.

Rose believes that Thomas was actually in a good place in Cleveland, particularly comparing the team’s stature to the side that drafted Thomas in 2011, the Sacramento Kings.

“You can’t tell me that being in Cleveland was a worse experience than being in Sacramento,” Rose strongly states. “A team that hasn’t made the playoffs, hasn’t developed a lottery pick since I don’t know when when the Cleveland Cavaliers have been to multiple NBA Finals, had LeBron James and just won a championship a couple of years ago.”

Rose is taking a different approach here, comparing two teams that obviously have quite a disparity in terms of recent achievements. If this were the only factor, then surely, Cleveland would be leaps and bounds ahead of Sacramento.

However, with his statement, Thomas makes it clear that it’s more than just about winning for him. He may have been on a championship-contending side while with the Cavs, but perhaps he never really felt part of the team. To him, being with a losing side that made him feel needed holds more weight.