Jalen Brunson understands that his good friend Donovan Mitchell will constantly be linked to the New York Knicks until he signs an extension with the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, Brunson is not thinking about it.

When asked recently about the previous rumors that claim Mitchell could join the Knicks–his hometown team since he’s from New York–in the future, Brunson shared  a rather blunt  take and emphasized he’s happy with the current roster the ‘Bockers have.

“It’s impossible not to see things — rumors and all the stuff that comes up on Twitter and all that stuff every single day is always on TV. There’s always possibilities when you hear about that stuff. Donovan is a good friend of mine for a while. We were in the same high school class, our relationship goes back a long way. I think right now, I’m more than happy with my guys, and I love my teammates,” Brunson said of a potential Mitchell pairing, per The Athletic.

For Cavs fans, the future of Donovan Mitchell with the team is a major question mark, which is why the talk about a possible move to the Knicks is a sensitive subject. Mitchell has three years left in his contract, with the next two under team control and the last one in 2025-26 being a player option.

With that said, the fact that Mitchell has yet to sign an extension is definitely concerning. A recent report mentioned that the “pressure point” for the Cavs could come after the 2023-24 season when there’s only one year left under team control in Mitchell’s contract.

Considering the situation, Mitchell’s Cavs future will surely be a major talking point in the upcoming campaign. Fans can also expect Jalen Brunson and the Knicks to be linked to Mitchell for much of the season.