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Cavs news: Jae Crowder will dedicate season, entire career to late mother

Jae Crowder

There are times when watching the NBA that some fans may forget that these professional basketball players are also people just like them. That realization especially sets in when losing a family member, especially one as dear as a mother or father, is always a difficult time for loved ones left behind. The loss can even test someone’s character throughout unbearable times. For the Cavs’ Jae Crowder, it’s being used as an inspiration.

Having endured one of the toughest moments of his NBA career and life over the summer with the passing of his mother, Crowder aims to become the best player and person he can possibly be to honor her.

jae crowder

Jason Miller/Getty Images

The 27-year-old Marquette product shared, via Chris Fedor of Cleveland.com, that instead of allowing his emotions to get the better of him, he is going to dedicate this coming season, as well as the rest of his career, to her late mother, Helen.

“I dedicated this season to her. And I’ve dedicated the rest of my career to her,” Crowder said. “I do this for her and my daughter. I know she’s watching down on me, watching what I do on and off the court. Just want to make her happy at the end of the day. I want to go out and give my all, never disrespect the game. That’s what she always used to say. ‘You love the game, you cherish the game, you show respect to the game.’ That’s one thing she taught me and I just want to make her happy. I dedicate my work ethic, I dedicate waking up every day. When it gets tough I know she would like me to keep going, she would want me to keep fighting.”

Jae Crowder

Mike DiNovo/USA TODAY Sports

Following a long battle with cancer, Crowder’s mother passed away on August 22nd, moments after her son was traded to the Cavs. Now with the team, he understands that he has a good chance of winning the first title of his career, which will be the biggest honor he can give his mother.

If he can channel his heavy heart into career-defining performances throughout the season, he could be one of the most important players in the Cavaliers rotation, and live up to the promise he made his mother of dedicating his work ethic and passion for the game to the most influential person in his life.

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