Heading into this upcoming season, the Cleveland Cavaliers have a clear singular goal in mind in getting back to a fourth straight NBA Finals.

According to Chris Fedor of Cleveland.com, offseason acquisition Jae Crowder revealed that he sees the play calling in practice lining up for another rematch against the Golden State Warriors.

This isn’t a shot at the Boston Celtics by any means, but addressing that the Cavaliers’ only true competition at this point in time is the Warriors, who kept their roster over the summer after setting an NBA record with a 16-1 mark through this year’s playoffs. This has made Golden State clear-cut standard bearers in the league until proven otherwise.

It shouldn’t be surprising to hear given that the Cavaliers have brought aboard more offensive pieces such as Derrick Rose, Isaiah Thomas, and Dwyane Wade to better compete against the Warriors. The addition of proven talent could potentially be what they are missing to get over the hump in the NBA Finals.

Crowder could show to be a valuable piece to the puzzle with his play on both ends of the floor. He has developed a strong reputation as being a stout individual defender that may be a big factor for the Cavaliers defensively during the playoffs.