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J.R. Smith tweets out at Marcus Smart after preseason game


Looks like the beef between Cleveland Cavaliers guard J.R. Smith and Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart won’t be squashed any time soon.

The two unhinged guards got into an altercation during their preseason showdown Saturday night. Tempers flared up after Smith got tangled up with Celtics center Aron Baynes. Smith did not like the fact that Baynes kept his arm in lock for too long and shoved the Aussie-born center.

Smart took exception to Smith’s push and threw a mild haymaker over Smith’s head, which led to Smart’s ejection from the game.

After the game, Smith sent out a barrage of tweets to Smart, indicating that this is far from over.

After the game, Smart admitted to reporters that during the scuffle, he did gesture for Smith to meet him in the back. The Supreme-tattooed Cavs guard then countered to meet him on the streets instead.

Finally, he presumably warned the Celtics guard to keep this about basketball.

The two do have a history of going at each other on the court. Looks like Smith has spilled over the beef to social media.

Smith’s Cavaliers and Smart’s Celtics have faced each other in the NBA playoffs in three of the last four years, which the Cavs have all won. This may be why the the two feisty guards don’t seem to like each other.

The Celtics are now the heavy favorites to represent the East in this year’s NBA Finals, after the Cavaliers fell off the ladder of contenders following the departure of LeBron James.

Needless to say, it looks like the bad blood between the Cavaliers and the Celtics is far from over.

The two meet again on December 1, Saturday. Mark your calendars.

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