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Cavs news: J.R. Smith says LeBron James ‘gonna be wherever the f**k he wanna be at’

JR Smith Cavs LeBron

The rumors surrounding LeBron James and his free agency decision next offseason are going to be louder than ever, especially considering the reports that he’s looking at a move to Los Angeles. While James will never be heard addressing it until the time comes, his Cleveland Cavs teammates will surely be asked about the matter repeatedly, including some of his closer teammates like Richard Jefferson, J.R. Smith, and Tristan Thompson.

Well, following their week-long workout in Santa Barbara as a team where all 17 players on the regular season roster showed up, TMZ caught up with Smith outside what looked like a club, and asked him some questions about James’ future. If a sober J.R. Smith doesn’t want to be asked about that, it’s very likely that a seemingly slightly inebriated J.R. Smith doesn’t want any part of it either.

Here’s a summary of the exchange:

“Are you worried about LeBron opting out?”

“Why y’all keep asking me questions?” asked Smith. “Who cares, seriously? Who cares? Who cares? Nobody cares, but y’all who keep making a dollar off of it… These dudes crazy, who cares? This makes no sense.”

“LeBron’s gone!”

“LeBron’s still here. He’s still here,” Smith said while turning around to respond.

“Is LeBron going to come to L.A.?

“I think LeBron’s going be in… wherever the f*ck he wanna be at,” Smith responded.

Clearly, LeBron James is going to be wherever LeBron James wants to be, and Smith has his back 100%. Although if you listen carefully, just before answering that final question, Smith did hesitate a bit and seemed like he wanted to say “LeBron’s going to be in Cleveland” before stopping himself and answering with a bang.

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