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J.R. Smith says he’s not letting himself lose money in scuffle with Marcus Smart

J.R. Smith

Cleveland Cavs talent J.R. Smith has made it clear money is important to him, and he isn’t going to let Marcus Smart make him lose any of it.

Smith and Aron Baynes got mixed up during the first quarter of a game, and Smart came up being Smith and shoved him. Smith kept his cool and said he isn’t going to lose money because of his Supreme tattoo on his leg, so he for sure isn’t going to lose money over Smart.

Smart had to be dragged down by his teammates and eventually ejected, and J.R. couldn’t help but enjoy himself. He was seen laughing while Smith’s Celtics teammates held him back.

While Smart was walking off the court Smith gave him a wave goodbye.

Smith said after the game he was a caught a bit off guard by Smart because he really doesn’t know him, and he doesn’t know why he went off.

“I don’t know where that came from,” Smith said of Smart’s rage via cleveland.com. “I don’t know him. Obviously, we’ve played against each other for a couple years, but for the most part I don’t know him. I don’t even know where he’s from. I knew he went to Oklahoma State and when he came out he was kind of a big deal. But I don’t know him.”

It’s only the preseason but with LeBron James gone, a new rivalry could be budding between these two guys and it should make the four meetings between the Cavs and Celtics this year very interesting.

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