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Cavs’ J.R. Smith reacts to Tyronn Lue being fired

J.R. Smith, Tyronn Lue

J.R. Smith was one of the first players to react following the big news of the Cleveland Cavaliers terminating the services of head coach Tyronn Lue. Smith, who spent three seasons under Lue’s tenure, was understandably upset with the firing of his now former coach.

Smith showed his appreciation to the 41-year-old for what he brought to the franchise over the past three season, including a championship in 2016. However, towards the end of his message, Smith shares a bit of a hint of how he feels about the recent development.

With the addition of the facepalm emoji in the caption, it appears that Smith is not a hundred percent on board with the front office’s decision to use Lue as the scapegoat for the team’s horrendous 0-6 start to the new campaign. There seems to be some frustration from the side of Smith, and he has discreetly made his feelings known through his veiled message.

Smith may have actually played a big part in Lue’s recent firing. There were reports that despite a directive from upper management for Lue to give more playing time to his younger players, there was some reluctance from the side of the coach who opted to stick with his veterans.

Along with Kyle Korver and Tristan Thompson, Smith was one of Lue’s trusted vets who he reportedly stood up for. Unfortunately for Lue, this move has backfired, and it may have just cost him his job.

With this recent development, Smith’s future with the team is now also up in the air. However, it is very likely that Lue’s replacement would be more willing to implement the front office’s directive, thereby significantly diminishing the role of Smith on a youth-centered Cavs side.

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