Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James has been called plenty of names. He’s been referred to as an all-time great, four-time MVP, NBA champion, and future Hall of Famer.

J.R. Smith certainly recognizes all that, but on Sunday, he chose to refer to James differently. He called the greatest player of this generation a jerk according to Bleacher Report writer, Greg Swartz.

Apparently, Smith has an axe to grind with James because the two-guard is the type of person that doesn’t like it when people wake him up early in the morning. Smith didn’t care to say more, but perhaps it happened this offseason when players normally enjoy longer time in dreamland.

We’re also suspecting that Smith might be too hungover from consuming glasses of Hennessy the night before. You may be a millionaire athlete, but headaches caused by alcohol affects people from all walks of life just the same.

As for James, it remains a mystery why of all contact on his phonebook, he chose to dial Smith’s number. Well, maybe he’s just making sure Smith will start getting used to waking up early again as daily practice sessions loom for the regular season.