Recently-promoted Cavs head coach J.B. Bickerstaff delivered an encouraging message to his players during Thursday’s media availability.

Bickerstaff was elevated to head coach of the Cavs earlier this week as a result of John Beilein’s decision to step down from the position. Bickerstaff, a man who has served in the player development field in the past, wants his players to reach their full potential and play with confidence.

“How do you tow the line between discipline and also keeping guys confident going forward?,” Spencer Davies of BBallInsiders asked Bickerstaff during a break in Thursday’s practice session.

“I think it’s just the way you handle them,” Bickerstaff replied. “My message to our guys is: We want you to be successful. The only thing that matters to us is how do we get you to your potential?

“None of this is ever personal,” the interim Cavs coach added. “None of it is calculated, and there are no mind games. It’s just being brutally honest — finding the balance of picking people up and how you communicate with them. We’re not gonna beat people down to get them better. We’re gonna have conversations with them. We’re gonna work with them. We’re gonna rep it. And then, they’ll grow from there.”

Bickerstaff, now 40 years of age, is no stranger to head coaching in the NBA, as he has held that title in the past. He’ll have his hands full developing the young players in Cleveland, but he is the right man for the job.

Bickerstaff’s first shot at leading the Cavs comes on Friday night, as the team is scheduled to face off against the Washington Wizards inside Capital One Arena.