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Isiah Thomas says LeBron James should go to Warriors if he leaves Cleveland

LeBron James

With the NBA regular season starting to wind down, the hot topic seems to be about where LeBron James should end up this off-season with almost everyone seeming to give their two cents.

The latest former NBA player to give his opinion is Hall of Fame Guard Isiah Thomas who was on First Things First to discuss:

“If I’m LeBron James if I don’t stay in Cleveland which I do think now with the moves they have made that he probably stays in Cleveland. If I am him I go to Golden State. I go play with Kevin Durant try to get with Steph Curry because I am just looking at my age and I am just telling as an Athlete now. When you are a young man in your 20’s you can build but when you are in your late 30’s then you got to join.”

“You can’t be a carrier for the next ten years now. So what he’s got to do is look at a place where he can fit and join and Kevin Durant is someone you can ride with…LeBron James has a unique opportunity to write his own story on the way out, and he can go out on top.”

It’s interesting to see Thomas talk about LeBron going to try to join somewhere to chase a championship and he thinks that the media won’t kill him for it, like they would if he failed with the Lakers.

Thomas is probably right though in terms of James staying in Cleveland. The moves that were made at the trade deadline where made with the idea of keeping James in Cleveland. LeBron seems happy with his new teammates and looks like a kid playing the game he loves again. This new found love for the game and the players he has now might be enough to keep him a Cavalier for the rest of his career.

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