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Cavs news: Isaiah Thomas wants to be remembered as ‘someone who left it all on the floor’

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Isaiah Thomas will be heading into his fourth NBA team through the start of his seventh season in the league and as the 60th overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, he’s made sure to come in with a working-man attitude from his very first day in The Association.

During Thursday’s press conference, Thomas noted he’d want to be remembered by the Boston Celtics fan base as not only a great player, but one who grinds on a daily basis to achieve the task at hand.

“I just want people to remember me as someone who left it all on the floor. And not only that but someone who respected everyone,” he said in today’s introductory press conference. “Having that relationship with the fan base. I want that here in Cleveland. I want them to know that I’m putting my hard hat on every day.”

While Cleveland Cavaliers fans won’t see Thomas in action for a few months, it’s a welcome sight to know he’s willing to put his chin down and grind his way back to the hardwood during and after the rehabilitation process that awaits him.

LeBron James has been known to be a gym rat, which could serve as a bond between the team’s top two players during the offseason and moving forward into the regular season as they look to build chemistry.

Whether it is his relatable height at 5-foot, 9-inches or simply his charisma, Thomas has endeared himself to the crowd and become a favorite in nearly every team he’s been a part of, including a blue-collar city like Boston. If his habits continue, it’s only a matter of time before he grows in the hearts of everyone else in The Land.

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