While playing around with his two sons on Sunday in the Cleveland Cavaliers’ practice facility, Isaiah Thomas went live on Instagram.

Naturally, tons of his followers flocked to watch the video, but there were a couple of standout individuals that had their eyeballs glued to their phone screens watching as noticed by Thomas’ sons. One is Oklahoma City Thunder guard and reigning NBA MVP Russell Westbrook. The other is former Cavalier Kyrie Irving, who was traded by Cleveland to the Boston Celtics in exchange for a package of players including Thomas in a blockbuster deal over the summer.

Upon hearing the names of Westbrook and Irving, Thomas grabbed the phone and spoke directly to the camera, describing how he intends to play for his new team.

“Big C’s, look at that big C,” Thomas said as he showed the large Cavaliers logo in the middle of the court. “IG Live, what’s up with y’all? I will average at least 25 (points), I could do that in my sleep. I’m a professional scorer, I do that in my sleep.”

Notwithstanding a clean bill of health, it’s not going to be easy for Thomas, who put up 28.9 points per game last season, to average that much as part of the Cavaliers. Unlike his situation in Boston, Thomas is not going to be the alpha dog in Cleveland, where LeBron James is the undeniable king — as what Irving found out in the three seasons he’s played with the four-time MVP.

Even with the hip injury he’s currently dealing with, Isaiah Thomas isn’t letting that affect his confidence.