Isaiah Thomas spoke out for fellow player Jahlil Okafor in light of his captive state in the Philadelphia 76ers organization.

Okafor has racked up numerous healthy DNPs during the 2016-17 season and in 7-of-8 games this season, making it extremely difficult to garner any sort of market for him.

The Sixers recently declined a buyout request from the 21-year-old Okafor, sparking a reaction from the Cleveland Cavaliers’ dynamo.

Jahlil Okafor has been serviceable during his time in the league, but has been offset by a more complete package in Joel Embiid, who is able to dominate at both ends of the court and extend his game to the three-point line.

The Sixers had intended to build around a piece at the center position and drafted the likes of Nerlens Noel, Embiid, and Okafor — creating a logjam at the position. While Noel faced the same DNP treatment as Okafor, he was able to escape by making his discontent public, ending up with the Dallas Mavericks prior to this year’s trade deadline.

Okafor has some woes at the defensive end, but his offense is above average and one that a team can make use of, if he remains healthy. Thomas has seen his share of unjust treatment earlier this offseason, when he was blindsided by a trade for Kyrie Irving this summer, landing in Cleveland unexpectedly.