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Cavs news: Isaiah Thomas describes how he learned he was traded to Cleveland

Isaiah Thomas, cavs

Rumors of a trade involving the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics made waves rather quickly, just as quickly as news of Kyrie Irving requesting a trade from the front office soon after a tough NBA Finals loss.

Isaiah Thomas, who was returning from a vacation with his wife, celebrating his one-year wedding anniversary, found out just as suddenly, as his piece in The Players’ Tribune details.

He received a call from Celtics president Danny Ainge, but missed the call while he was driving back to his native Washington. Ainge left a text asking him to call him back and when he did, the usual small talk about his trip and the family ensued, only to be cut off by more serious matters.

Ainge: “I just traded you,”

Simple as that. No big words, no big speech. Though I guess when it comes to shit like that, there’s not much more to say.

Thomas: “To where.” That’s all I could manage.

Ainge: “To the Cavaliers, for Kyrie.”

Ainge proceeded to tell Thomas about how much he’s meant to the franchise and the city of Boston, but the first-time All-Star constantly tried to cut him off, ultimately succeeding in his attempt.

“So I was steady trying to cut him off a few times, and then eventually I did,” wrote Thomas. “It was basically, you know — I appreciate you reaching out, appreciate you telling me, but there’s really nothing else that you or I need to be saying right now.”

For Thomas, the trade meant more than just a change of scenery and different teammates, but moving his family, which has grown ingrained to the city of Boston and its culture.

Ultimately, he now has a chance to recover from his injury and make a much-awaited debut in front of Cavs fans. After all, if being picked last in the 2011 draft wasn’t enough of a chip on his shoulder, this blindside trade from Ainge might just be the extra chip needed to take his game into overdrive.

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