Cleveland Cavaliers forward Isaac Okoro showed the Houston Rockets Wednesday night what a liftoff looks like in The Land when he dunked all over them in the middle of a blowout contest in favor of the Cavs.

It was a sight to behold. It’s not always that someone would take with him, not one, not two, but three defenders into the air and yam an all of them at the same time just like what Okoro did. And it’s not like Okoro needed that dunk to give the Cavs a shot in the arm during a tight portion of the game because he did that when Cleveland was already up by over 35 points. It was really just one of the many cherries on top for the Cavs, who snagged 124-89 win by the end of it all.

Okoro’s teammate, Darius Garland talked about that dunk following the game and joked about missing Okoro’s flex. But Okoro had a perfect and hilarious answer to that, per Paul Hoynes of

Darius Garland, who led the Cavs with 21 points, came off the bench screaming. He said he’s seen Okoro dunk on two players before, but never three. The only thing missing was an Okoro flex after the dunk.

“He usually has a little flex with his little muscles, but he didn’t flex today,” joked Garland.

Okoro said there was a reason for that.

“I didn’t know the ball went in, honestly,” he said. “I couldn’t see the rim. I just heard the crowd.”

Let’s see if Okoro catches bodies again on Saturday when the Cavs kick off a three-game road trip against the Milwaukee Bucks.