Even if they are on an eight-game winning streak, the Cleveland Cavaliers are still looking forward to seeing Isaiah Thomas make his season debut for them. With Derrick Rose away from the team and pondering about his future, the team is left with Jose Calderon as the only active natural point guard on their roster. Although the playmaking duties are being distributed, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst recently revealed what timetable the franchise is now internally targeting for the two-time All-Star’s availability.

It has been reported that the Cavs are targeting a mid-December return for Thomas, who has not played this season yet, and is continuing to recover from a hip injury. The team is apparently ramping up the work he’s doing during practices, including 3-on-3 play.

Thomas’ return will be a huge boost to the Cavaliers, as his playmaking, as well as ability to score, will come in handy for them, and will lessen the load LeBron James and company have to carry during games. His presence will also have defenses focusing on him, allowing his teammates to have more room to operate on the floor.

There’s still no exact date when he’ll play his first game of the season, but with the latest report, it appears that he is only two weeks away, which is definitely exciting news for the Northeast Ohio faithful.