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Cavs still intend to keep Kevin Love through trade deadline, despite taking calls

Kevin Love, Cavs

The Cleveland Cavaliers have no intention of trading star forward Kevin Love, despite taking calls about the Cavs’ big man ahead of the Feb. 7 trade deadline, according to Chris Fedor of Cleveland.com.

The 6-foot-10 forward is now eligible to be traded, as six months have passed since signing his four-year, $120 million extension to remain with the team on July 24.

“The Cavs’ stance on keeping Love hasn’t changed. They want him in Cleveland,” wrote Fedor. “They value what he can bring on the court when healthy and his leadership and set-the-tone work ethic behind the scenes has been very important. He wants to stay with the team as well.”

The Cavs can legally trade Love even if he’s injured, but the somber nature of his inactivity could be a potential impasse in negotiations, as teams inquiring for him are likely looking for immediate help.

There’s no guarantee that Love would be ready to return before the trade deadline hits, which complicates matters, given that he hasn’t seen the court since first suffering his injury.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’ve said all along I’ve wanted to be here. I’ve said this too, it’s a business,” Love said recently. “We saw that last year at the deadline. Think every trade deadline, draft, free agency, always brings something new. It’s always different. I would love to be here. Would just love to get through a whole season healthy just because I’ve had nagging things that have taken time and been a little bit unlucky, but I would like to play ball here.”

Players like Alec Burks, Rodney Hood, and J.R. Smith are some of the movable assets the Cavs will be looking to flip prior to the deadline. Yet the Cavs don’t have much to gain from selling Love before the deadline, and at this point of the season, likely headed for a high pick in the NBA Draft, the best deal for them is to not deal Love.

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