While LeBron James has won titles with both the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers, he might be best known for his pair of stints with the Cleveland Cavaliers. James shocked the world when he returned to the Cavs back in 2014, and according to his longtime friend and super-agent Rich Paul, it sounds like he played a big role in convincing James to return to where it all started for him.

Before joining the Heat during the 2010 offseason, James enjoyed a successful seven-season stint with the Cavaliers in which he brought them to the brink of a title. James knew he had unfinished business with the Cavs, so when the time came in 2014 for him to find his new home in the league, Paul sold him on the fact that his legacy would be secured if he could lead them to a title.

Sure enough, James would return to Cleveland and lead the Cavs to the Finals in each of his four seasons with the team, and he accomplished his main goal of bringing a title to Cleveland when they won the 2016 NBA Finals. It seemed like a logical move for James at the height of his career, but according to Paul, without him, it may have never happened.

Of course, Rich Paul has gone viral for some truly outrageous claims as of late, so it’s important to take what he’s saying with a grain of salt here. Despite that, Paul has a big influence on James, and he very well may have helped the Cavs legend make the decision to return to Cleveland. It worked out quite well for both parties, so it’s safe to say that Paul deserves some praise if he did play a role in this big reunion like he is saying he did.