Just like his Cleveland Cavaliers teammate Donovan Mitchell, Kevin Love couldn’t believe that the video of Draymond Green and Jordan Poole’s fight during practice has been leaked.

Speaking on ESPN, Love admitted that his first reaction to the fight was questioning how the hell the video reached TMZ’s desk and was distributed for public viewing. After all, stuff like that should have been kept internally in the first place.

“My first reaction is how does that get out? First and foremost. I mean that is something that should definitely stay internal… I just think it never has to come to a point where a man’s hands are down and you get a sucker punch in,” the Cavs big man said while emphasizing that fights like that happen in the NBA more often than people think.

For those who missed it, it was reported Wednesday that Draymond Green “struck” Jordan Poole during practice after a shoving match between the two. No other details were provided at the time, though there have been reports about how Dray and some of the Golden State Warriors players didn’t like Poole’s sudden change in attitude.

The Warriors are said to be deliberating a potential punishment for Green. It remains to be seen how the video leak would affect their decision–or if it even will, for that matter–especially with the intense scrutiny and pressure to do something now coming their way.

As mentioned, though, Kevin Love is hardly alone with his sentiment about the leake. His Cavs teammate in Mitchell called it “wack” that someone really sent the video to TMZ, while NBA guard Isaiah Thomas said that the person who sent it–if it’s someone from the Warriors–should be fired.

Hopefully, though, the Warriors are able to resolve the massive team and PR crisis that they are now facing.