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GQ hails LeBron James as ‘Greatest Living Athlete’

LeBron James

There are basketball superstars, then there is LeBron James.

The Cleveland Cavaliers forward is a transcendent star, whose glow radiates way beyond the world of basketball. His presence is felt in other fields few basketball personalities have made an impact on, and for that main reason, The King is bestowed upon by GQ as the “Greatest Living Athlete” in a piece by Mark Anthony Green, who opened up his write-up with the following sentence.

LeBron James has been basketball’s best player for the better part of 14 years. But it’s his work off the court—in business, in movies, and increasingly in politics—that will define the depth of his greatness.

The abbreviation GLA doesn’t sound as glamorous as GOAT (Greatest of All-Time), which is often a subject of debate when it comes to LeBron James’ place in the basketball hierarchy of legends, but being named as such by an established publication is quite an honor for the Cavs’ 32-yeard-old forward.

James has always been more than about basketball. At the end of his athletic career, he’ll be defined as much for the championships he won, the MVP trophies he took home, and a multitude more awards he pocketed, as the influence he had during his days in business, politics, and propagating social awareness — things that guys like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant fail to measure up when juxtaposed to what James has brought to the table.

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