The Cleveland Cavaliers are among the best-positioned franchises in the NBA. The Cavs have a wealth of talent that can help the team win now and in the future. One of the team’s building blocks is big man Evan Mobley. Mobley’s high-level play has been noticed all around the league, but one teammate praises him like no other. Georges Niang compared Mobley to Rudy Gobert and Joel Embiid in a recent post-practice interview.

“I would say Evan’s ability to protect the rim is, I don’t want to make a quote and have it go viral, but it’s along the lines of how Rudy Gobert protects the rim,” Niang said via the Cleveland Cavaliers YouTube post. Niang’s quote will go viral but in good faith.

Evan Mobley draws comparisons to some of the best big men in the NBA

Niang believes Mobley’s size and frame contribute to his outstanding defensive ability, the same way  Gobert’s physical tools help him. In addition, Niang compared Mobley’s mid-post game to Joel Embiid’s. Like Embiid, Mobley faces up, hits mid-range jump shots, and spreads the floor for the Cavs from three-point range.

Niang also praised the way Mobley approaches his work. “The coolest thing about Evan is that he’s so eager to be better every single day…I think his drive and work ethic [is exceptional].” The Cavs veteran said that such drive and focus is rare for someone at Mobley’s age in professional sports.

Georges Niang’s compliments to Evan Mobley will fire Cavs fans up.

It is great to hear that one of the franchise’s most promising players has the desire to become the best he can be. Soon enough, Mobley will be an example of greatness that younger players model their game after, just as he does with Rudy Gobert and Joel Embiid.