Former Cleveland Cavaliers head coach David Blatt recently shared his trying experience after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a central nervous system disease that could potentially lead to becoming disabled.

Blatt wrote an open letter addressing his condition in which he openly talks about the difficult times he expects to face in the coming years. Via

“Sometimes life throws things at you that really have no explanation or rhyme or reason. Those are moments that upon recognizing you have to make choices that test your true character…

“I have been blessed with the help of so many good and loving people. Those that support and assist and at the very least understand that while I look and function a little differently, I am still the same person. And they don’t let me forget that fact even when I am a little down or discouraged. Self-pity doesn’t do anything but foster and encourage a downward slide that is harder to get up from.

“I am a coach and my job is to lead and teach and inspire a lot of people. Not being as agile or active doesn’t affect my ability to do those things. I am fortunate. I have great doctors trainers physical therapists and management that accept my disabilities and help me overcome. How could I possibly complain? I absolutely cannot and will not. It’s wasted effort and while I ask my players and staff to be the best version of themselves, I must ask and even demand from myself to do the same.”

This is truly an inspiring message from the former Cavs coach, who appears to be preparing himself to face this battle head on. Blatt is currently coaching Olympiacos over in Greece, and he plans to continue to do so despite this diagnosis.

We wish Coach Blatt all the best.