The Cleveland Cavaliers’ fan base was treated to a surprise this morning. The Cavs released their new uniforms for the upcoming 2022-2023 NBA Season. Cleveland has changed uniform designs a few times in the past couple years, and the new jerseys incorporate a few different motifs. Fans reacted right away with some very mixed feelings.

Many fans loved the jerseys, voicing their satisfaction with the cleanliness and familiarity of the designs. The new threads incorporate logos from multiple jersey interactions and sport a minimalistic trim. Cavs twitter raved over the new white jerseys featuring the classic “Hoop V” design.

Others cited improvement from the previous jersey designs, which received controversy due to a big branding change. With a more reeled in brand design, the Cavs can keep it simple and leave room to tweak or improve the jerseys over time.

Although the jerseys received a lot of praise, not every fan was happy. Some fans were against the simplistic design, even going as far as calling them practice jerseys.

The uniforms do somewhat resemble summer league jerseys as the design is quite basic without a lot of trim beyond the main branding. However, there are things to  appreciate about the branding. The references to eras of old and the gold accents create a sophisticated and clean look. The Cavs have created a consistent foundation they can build their branding off of.

After all, the Cavs did label the new brand design the “gold standard.” Fans will find out if those standards are met when the jerseys are seen in person for the first time.