After this season is over, one of the most followed stories of the NBA off-season will be watching LeBron James and exactly where he is going.

There are rumors that the Los Angeles Lakers are one of the teams on the radar if he decides to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers.

With the All-Star game taking place in Los Angeles, some fans have taken this opportunity to try and get James to sign with one of the teams in LA.

They have shirts with LeBron’s famous logo in the colors of the Lakers and the Clippers. Although it has been reported that he won’t sign with the Clippers, some fans are still dreaming that could be a possibility.

LeBron James

All of these teams hoping to get LeBron might have their dreams crushed before they even have a chance to get them really up.

The Cavaliers made trades at the deadline to make the team younger and to get more athletic shooters around LeBron James, something that he has been hoping to have for a while.

With the new guys, James and the Cavaliers are thriving and have gone undefeated since Jordan Clarkson, George Hill, and Larry Nance Jr. joined the team.

LeBron James

If this team can be competitive and make the finals and if James feels like they are only one or two pieces away from another championship, he might stick around with the hometown team.

But if he decides to leave, it sounds like the Lakers have as good of a chance as anyone to sign him, so these shirts being sold in Los Angeles this weekend can’t hurt the cause.