The NBA is rolling out a brand new In-Season Tournament this year, and there have been plenty of mixed feelings about it. But, on Monday, teams showcased their court designs for the tournament, and the Cavs took a special page out of their book for the tournament. Here’s the court design, per the Cavs’ official social media account.

Cavs fans immediately took to social media, and it’s safe to say they love the design with ‘The Land’ right in the middle and ‘Let Em Know’ at the bottom.

Other teams’ fans weren’t entirely pleased with the different court designs, but Cavs fans almost entirely agreed on being supportive of this design. One team, the Boston Celtics, drew mixed reactions from fans with their design. Philadelphia 76ers fans also had mixed feelings.

The Cavs schedule for the NBA’s In-Season Tournament was revealed over the summer, and it’s going to be interesting to see how teams handle this new wrinkle in the NBA schedule. But, fans love ‘The Land’ design and some even want that to be a more permanent feature for the team.

The Cavs began the 2023-2024 season with a one-point win over the Brooklyn Nets, thanks to a game-winner by Donovan Mitchell. They then lost to the Oklahoma City Thunder by three and fell to the Indiana Pacers by 12, so it hasn’t exactly been the start they were hoping for.

Still, there is a lot of excitement for the Cavs this season, and this In-Season Tournament court design is going to be fun to see when it begins.