Tuesday’s tragic Texas school shooting has brought out all sorts of emotions in all of us. For former Cleveland Cavaliers champ Iman Shumpert, the 31-year-old took exception to how United States President Joe Biden reacted to the truly shocking incident.

The president delivered a moving speech on national television to address the tragedy. Apparently, it did not sit well with the former Cavs stud. Shumpert took to Twitter to share his distaste for Biden’s response to the shooting:

“Dear Biden, don’t ever read a prompter again when it concerns children. I feel a way,” Shumpert wrote in his tweet.

As it turns out, Shump did not appreciate how the commander-in-chief read his speech from a prompter. The former Cavs champion felt disconnected and he firmly believes that this was not the proper way for Biden to address the situation.

When Shumpert was told that this is really what we should expect from the president, the ex-Cavs champ was having none of it:

“Still. It wasn’t time for that. It’s a big deal making people FEEL. He’s usually better than that. I didn’t like it. It’s a sick world and you speak on things like this as a human. Not a politician. I pray we get better as a country,” Shumper responded.

Shumpert is clearly feeling emotional about all this and it seems that the former Cavs player decided to blow off some of his steam at the expense of the president.