Evan Mobley’s sensational rookie campaign with the Cleveland Cavaliers may have ended prematurely, but this isn’t stopping this young man from giving back to the woman he loves the most. Mobley’s mom recently celebrated her birthday and the Cavs big man decided to gift her with an epic surprise.

Nicol Mobley, an elementary school teacher, just received one of the most unforgettable gifts of her life when the Cavs youngster handed her the keys to a brand new car on her birthday. Naturally, this reduced the proud mother to tears in a truly endearing moment:

It looks like this elementary teacher is now going to make her way to school every day in style. It’s hard to tell what car that was, but I think the man taking the video said that it was a Porsche. Either way, this is an undeniably wonderful gesture from the Cavs rising star.

It was a standout debut campaign for Evan Mobley and we’re definitely going to see much more from this kid moving forward. We expect him to work hard on his game this summer as he looks to establish himself as one of the top big men in the league in the near future.