Many fans might not know, but one of the biggest members of the Golden State Warriors team that tormented the Cleveland Cavaliers actually played in Ohio. During Warriors head coach Steve Kerr’s long and illustrious career,  he made a brief stop with the Cavs, donning the number 4 for the franchise.

With a new star rookie now wearing the same jersey number for the Cavs,  made some hilarious comments about the situation. Per Spencer Davies, here’s what Steve Kerr had to say about Evan Mobley taking his former number. (via Spencer Davies)

“I thought they retired that? Big shoes to fill for a guy who averaged 4.8 points per game for two years.”

As Kerr cheekily noted in his quote, his time with the Cavs was short and uneventful. The Warriors coach’s recollection of his time in Ohio was off by a little bit: he spent three, not two seasons there. Kerr also sold himself a bit short, as he averaged 6 points per game there instead of the 4.8 he mentioned (which was his Year 2 averages there). It’s not a long shot to say that Evan Mobley will easily surpass Kerr’s short-lived tenure with the Cavs.

In fact, Mobley has more than surpassed Kerr and many other former Cavs nobodies. He’s been having a stellar rookie season, posting averages of 14.6 points, 8.0 rebounds, and 2.5 assists in just 15 games. Mobley has placed himself firmly at the top of this rookie class, as he’s played way above his age and powered the Cavs to a solid start despite low expectations for this team.

For short, Kerr doesn’t have to worry about Mobley not being able to live up to the legacy of #4 in Cleveland.