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Dwyane Wade claims coming off bench about being ‘part of something special’

dwyane wade

For the first time in his illustrious career, Dwyane Wade is now coming off the bench for the Cleveland Cavaliers. It may easily be thought of as a demotion for the 12-time All-Star, but he is proving that he is a consummate professional, and is even embracing the challenge to lead the second unit night in and night out.

After their slow start to the season, the Cavs have won nine straight games, and are now looking to be the team out to reclaim the championship they won in 2016. Wade also appears to be more comfortable in his new role now, and recently said that it’s about his mindset, not worrying about his statistics anymore. He also added, via Michael Lee of Yahoo! Sports, that he sees it as being part of “something special.”

“The last time I came off the bench, I think I was in sixth grade, playing on an eighth-grade team,” Wade told Yahoo Sports with a laugh. “I’m just trying to stay as sharp as possible. I’m used to starting. I’m used to getting as much rest as possible. Now, it’s a little different. Got to change it up a little bit. I’m not really coming in worrying about my statistics or numbers. Fifteen years in the league, I don’t care about that no more. I’ve done all that. For me, it’s about being a part of something special.”

Wade’s comments goes to show his dedication to winning, and how he is giving his best to contribute to his team’s cause. Even with the stature he has, he does not seem to mind not starting as long as he is still playing well and efficient on the floor. He has been a spark off the bench for the Cavs, giving them a reliable scorer and leader, outside of their starters.

If he continues playing at the level he’s at now, he will make the Cavaliers’ quest to win another title much easier. They are now in third place in the Eastern Conference and are not showing any signs of ending their winning streak anytime soon, which many did not expect from them just a couple of weeks ago. Wade will be able to establish himself further as an all-time great as well, even if he is not part of the starting unit for the first time in his 15 NBA seasons.

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