The Cleveland Cavaliers have high expectations coming into the 2022-23 NBA season. After a surprising stint to the Play-In tournament last season, the front office traded for star guard Donovan Mitchell. With a core of young All-Star players, the hope is that this team will finally get its first taste of playoff action without LeBron James.

Because of the youth of this Cavs team, though, Donovan Mitchell will be put in a leadership role for the team. Despite being on the younger side of things, though, Mitchell is welcoming this challenge. Here’s what the All-Star guard had to say about being a leader for Cleveland. (via Beacon Journal)

“Be a leader, be a voice, be a calming presence. Kind of like K-Love and Ricky in a sense,” said Donovan Mitchell, referring to Cavs forward Kevin Love, 34, and backup point guard Ricky Rubio, 32. When everybody thinks leader, they think of someone who talks the most. But you’ve got to be able to listen. You’ve got to be receptive to what people are saying.”

Mitchell perhaps has the most playoff experience on the young Cavs roster aside from Love and Rubio. Because of that, the younger guns of the team will look towards him for advice. That will certainly be a new experience for Mitchell, who is still considered by some as a young star too.

After failing short in the Play-In Tournament last season, the Cavs are ready to make some noise again in the Eastern Conference. Can they learn from last season’s loss and parlay that into a deep playoff run?