As far as I know, Cleveland Cavaliers superstar Donovan Mitchell is a man of his word. Apparently, Jose Alvarado isn’t too sure about it. So much so, that the New Orleans Pelicans guard just had to crash Mitchell’s live interview to make sure that Alvarado was going to get what he was owed.

In case you missed it, Mitchell and Alvarado made a friendly bet during Friday’s Rising Stars game. Alvarado delivered on his promise by hitting a game-winner, thereby securing a free meal from the Cavs superstar. On Saturday, during Mitchell’s press availability session ahead of the NBA All-Star Game, the Pels stud made sure Donovan would pay up:

That’s hilarious. It feels like Jose Alvarado really went out of his way to get to Mitchell’s press interview. He had a burning question on his mind and he just had to get it out.

Mitchell clapped back by telling Alvarado that they were heading to McDonald’s, to which the Pelicans guard responded gracefully. Donovan then backtracked on his statement and promised to take Jose out for a good meal.

This has become quite a captivating narrative. It will be very interesting to see where these two end up having dinner. They’re probably going out tonight after the festivities for All-Star Saturday. One thing you can be sure of is that Jose Alvarado will be holding Mitchell up on his promise. The fact that he crashed the Cavs star’s interview to remind him of the same is a clear testament to this fact.