Yuta Watanabe has been making waves for the Brooklyn Nets this season. Unfortunately for him, he will now find himself making headlines for all the wrong reasons after being absolutely posterized by Cleveland Cavaliers superstar Donovan Mitchell on Tuesday night. The Cavs guard just sent in his entry for dunk of the year, and Yuta played a key part in the epicness of this massive slam.

Even Nets fans in attendance at the Barclays Center were shocked to see Donovan Mitchell’s aerial acrobatics against one of their cult favorites:

It was Caris LeVert who forced a turnover at the opposite end of the floor, and it was also he who threw the pass to Mitchell on the ensuing fastbreak play. As soon as Donovan picked up the ball, you knew that he had bad intentions. Yuta Watanabe was left on an island with Mitchell, and it clearly did not end well for the Nets forward.

Here is an epic still photo of Mitchell’s dunk in all its glory:

You have to give credit to Watanabe here for not giving up on the play. He did everything he could to try and stop Mitchell from throwing it down, but in the end, it was the Cavs superstar who prevailed in their aerial battle. Mitchell did use his left hand to ward off Yuta a bit, but there’s no denying that that was a pretty clean dunk from the four-time All-Star.

Donovan Mitchell led the Cavs to a victory against the Nets in this one, 115-109. He finished with 31 points on 10-of-22 shooting, five rebounds, three assists, five triples, and one unforgettable poster dunk.