Whoever has the most name recall among athletes, usually sells the most. LeBron James and Stephen Curry have been clear-cut faces of their brand when it comes to basketball. Adidas no longer has one of these faces. They do still have James Harden but the battle is now between Cleveland Cavaliers star Donovan Mitchell and Minnesota Timberwolves rising superstar Anthony Edwards. The Cavs guard still has the better rep but he did make an admission, via the Club 520 podcast.

“I gotta say Ant (Anthony Edwards) brings it every night. Ant’s a dawg man, I think he brings the best out of you,” Donovan Mitchell said.

Anthony Edwards just got his AE1 shoe released by Adidas. The Timberwolves star’s new sneakers have been selling out of shelves fast as well. But, the Cavs star also unveiled his new sneakers. The D.O.N. Issue #6 came out during NBA All-Star weekend and turned the heads of sneaker aficionados all over the world.

Going back to the court, Mitchell feels like there is something distinctly different about Edwards.

“Yeah, he talks and all that but like as a competitor that’s what you want, you want to go against a guy like him. So I’d say he’s probably number one for sure because of the energy he brings,” the Cavs star declared.

Edwards is having career-highs in both points per game with 26.5 and assists per game with 5.2 of them. It won’t be long before he becomes the face of the Adidas brand, usurping the hot-handed scorer from the Cavs.