Gone are the days when tattoos used to be taboo. These days, tattoos have become somewhat of a norm for NBA players, and it’s highly likely that there are more players out there with at least one piece of skin art on their body as opposed to that who have said no to the needle. Well, one of those folks who have yet to get any tattoos done is Cleveland Cavaliers star Donovan Mitchell.

It also seems like Mitchell has no intention of ever getting one. On Tuesday, he shared a hilarious video as he explained exactly why this is the case for him (h/t ClutchPoints on Twitter):

Apparently, it’s not that the Cavs star has anything against tattoos. It’s just that he may have a bit of a fear of the needle. Mitchell hilariously made this admission by sharing a video of a man screaming like a little girl as he was getting inked. The three-time All-Star seems to have envisioned himself in a similar situation if he himself were to ever get a tattoo.

Nobody’s judging you, Don. And we all appreciate the honesty.

What Donovan Mitchell will be judged on, however, is how he plays on the basketball court once the new season begins. The Cavs went all-in to get him to Cleveland via a blockbuster trade with the Utah Jazz, and there’s no denying that there’s going to be a lot of pressure on his shoulders in 2022-23. Whether or not the 26-year-old will be able to live up to all the hype, however, remains to be seen.