The off-season is when a lot of players interact with one another. These can either come at events where they link up or any place to unwind with one another. Although, some players choose to work on their games at this part of the year. Donovan Mitchell chose the latter as he hopes to lead his Cleveland Cavaliers to a deeper NBA playoff push by next summer. Although, the Cavs superstar pulled off an astounding move that came at the expense of Orlando Magic guard Cole Anthony.

Cole Anthony recently worked out with Spida. Donovan Mitchell has been grinding back in the lab a lot during the NBA off-season. It is just fitting that he also gets league-level talent in a pickup game. The two were absurdly locked in for a match that did not have much bearing. But as any defender that stays in front of the Cavs star knows, pride and humiliation are always on the line.

The Magic star was seen struggling at defense. He wanted all the smoke but could not handle the heat of the kitchen when Mitchell started cooking.


Spida was picked up by Cole at the halfcourt line. The Cavs phenom started speeding off and hit the Magic guard with a step back. Flashes of James Harden’s ankle breaker to Wesley Johnson were seen in that gym where they were playing pickup. There was not much that Cole Anthony could do except just allow the easy three-pointer. Despite the lengthy downtime between seasons, Donovan Mitchell proved that he still got it.