The Cleveland Cavaliers are having somewhat of a slow start to the 2023-34 NBA season. The Cavs are 3-5 and sit toward the bottom of the Eastern Conference. However, Cleveland has plenty of time to get things together with the assembly of their young talent. Donovan Mitchell took note of the organization’s G-League talent after Emoni Bates had an electric debut.

Cavs superstar Donovan Mitchell is hyped for Emoni Bates 

Bates erupted for 29 points on 10/16 shooting and made seven threes in his Cleveland Charge debut. This was Donovan Mitchell’s reaction, per his X account:

Mitchell is hyped for the young Cavs prospect after his impressive offensive showing. Bates adds to Cleveland’s repertoire of players with high potential. If he keeps up the great work, he will get called up to play for the Cavs in no time.

Bates was the 49th pick in the 2023 NBA Draft. The 19-year-old was a highly touted prospect for his versatile scoring ability combined with his six-foot-nine frame. Bates’ college career was not perfect, but he overcame challenges and made it to the league.

Donovan Mitchell is creating his own impressive story early in the season. Despite the Cavs coming up short in over half of their contests, Mitchell averages 30.7 points per game, which ranks him third in the league.

Cleveland has plenty of time to turn things around to get themselves back in the conversation of Eastern Conference title contenders. The Cavs recently got help from Jarrett Allen, who missed the first few games due to injury.

The NBA will be in trouble if Cleveland’s young talent continues to develop at a rapid pace.