Some NBA players are duking it for a chance to bring pride to their nation in the FIBA World Cup, while others are sharpening their skills in the lab. Training Camps are getting near and it is only a matter of time before the season begins as well. This is why a lot of stars tend to practice with one another and even play in pickup games. Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young and Cleveland Cavaliers’ Donovan Mitchell got together along with Obi Toppin to play some hoops. How did the Cavs player stack up against the competition?

Pickup games with a lot of NBA stars are nothing new. These have been around since the league has been alive. But, it is still astonishing to see these types of talents dominate. Trae Young showcased his deadly floater and accurate passing which most Hawks fans missed. Donovan Mitchell also showed out with his insanely deep bag and highly effective pull-up jumpshots.


Cavs fans were also treated to new moves that the star has yet to use on the court. Obi Toppin saw the sky and the top of the rim most of the time as the high-flyer just flew over the mortals during the pickup game.

There is a lot to like about NBA players duking it out against normal and casual players. Fans would get to see how talented they are but also how they act similarly in-game as well. Some are ball hogs, others talk trash and those are normal occurrences in any pickup match. Will this propel them to have better outcomes once the next season arrives?