Cleveland Cavaliers star Donovan Mitchell has always had a penchant for thunderous dunks. After all, who could forget the time the Cavs star put his name on the map with a thunderous putback slam back when he was still a rookie with the Utah Jazz?

And on Tuesday night, Spida was back at it again with yet another unreal feat of athleticism after he sent Brooklyn Nets forward Yuta Watanabe to the shadow realm with a marvelous poster jam.

However, as thunderous as Donovan Mitchell’s slam was, Jarrett Allen joked that he believes the Cavs guard could have done better. After the game, Allen said that he would give Spida’s jam a score of 9.7/10, perhaps poking fun at the NBA Slam Dunk Contest’s new scoring system. When asked for his justification, the Cavs center just dropped a hilarious existential joke.

“Nothing can be perfect,” Allen said, per Evan Dammarell of Locked On Cavs.

Of course, while Jarrett Allen’s musings about life ring true, Donovan Mitchell’s dunk was as close as it gets to a perfect in-game dunk. The Cavs star, who had built up a head of steam after a Nets turnover, simply had no intentions of taking any prisoners. Mitchell just bodied Watanabe; to the Nets forward’s credit, his courage in challenging Spida in mid-air is admirable, if a bit misguided.

After all, Mitchell is a former Slam Dunk champion in his own right, and he has springs underneath his soles.

But there is always room to get better, as the Cavs center, who returned from a four-game absence against the Nets, implied. Count on Spida to spice up his dunk package the next time he attacks the rim with such ferocity.