The Cleveland Cavaliers just pulled a trigger on a blockbuster trade deal that could change the landscape of the NBA. With Donovan Mitchell now in the mix, the Cavs have become a real threat in the Eastern Conference. At this point, it would actually be foolish to completely rule out this team as a potential dark horse for the title.

For his part, it is clear that Mitchell is extremely excited to be joining a new team. The Utah Jazz have been trying to trade him for the past few months, and I’m pretty sure that he’s just happy that this entire saga has now ended.

As it turns out, however, Mitchell’s move to the Cavs may have been written in the stars. The All-Star shooting guard posted a very interesting photo of himself as a kid on Instagram hours after his move to Cleveland was made official. What makes the picture so intriguing is how Mitchell was repping a Cavs jersey as a kid:


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Mitchell’s hands covered the number on the jersey, but that could be a LeBron James shirt he has on there. Mitchell was born in 1996, and it looks like he was around 10 in the photo. At that time, LeBron was in his first few years with the Cavs, and he definitely sold more than a few jerseys across the globe.

As it turns out, Donovan Mitchell’s move to Cleveland may have been meant to be all along.