Off the court, Cleveland Cavaliers star Donovan Mitchell and Grant Williams are buddies. This is in spite of the savagery they’ve shared on the basketball court. Well, sometimes this friendly ruthlessness spills over onto the mean streets of Twitter. This is exactly what happened between the pair on Thursday in what turned out to be a hilarious exchange between the Cavs guard and the newly-traded Dallas Mavericks forward.

It was Williams who fired first, fresh off his NBA free agency trade from the Boston Celtics to the Mavs. Grant could not help but throw a jab at Mitchell after seeing the Cavs star’s offseason workout photos. Williams decided to take aim at the fact that Mitchell was still using a chestpad for his workout:

Mitchell caught wind of the shot and he responded with some supreme savagery. The Cavs All-Star brought back the incident between himself and Williams from earlier this season wherein the latter missed two crucial free-throws that eventually ended up costing the Celtics the game:

Williams’ infamous on-court exchange with Mitchell isn’t going to be forgotten by the fans anytime soon. In fact, Mitchell himself remembers that moment well, and he just had to bring it up. Then again, you have to say it was Grant Williams who practically set himself up for this one.

Here is that moment again in all its glory:

Grant Williams probably better think twice the next time he tries to fire a shot at Donovan Mitchell because quite honestly, this moment will never get old.