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Derrick Rose sprains ankle after hard foul from Greg Monroe

derrick rose

The NBA has seen players get taken down by season-ending injuries this week, and Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Derrick Rose nearly joined Gordon Hayward and Jeremy Lin on the list of players out for the rest of the year after a scary fall Friday.

While driving for a layup, Rose was clipped by Bucks big man Greg Monroe’s left arm as the guard was airborne. Rose landed awkwardly on his left foot afterward and spent some time lying on the floor.

The sight of Derrick Rose in relative pain must have sent shivers down the spines of people who know the lengthy history of the former MVP’s injuries. Rose had surgeries done on both knees before.

Fortunately for the Cavs guard, he seems to have avoided a serious injury this time. Per Jason Lloyd of The Athletic, head coach Tyronn Lue said Derrick Rose only incurred a sprained ankle. Relatively speaking, Rose is lucky that’s just the injury he picked up tonight.

Derrick Rose played for 23 minutes for the Cavs in Milwaukee and scored 12 points to go with two rebounds and two assists.

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