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Derrick Rose reveals why he got kicked off the court after practice

Derrick Rose

In his first campaign with the Cleveland Cavaliers, former All-Star guard Derrick Rose is slated to take up a significant role with his new team.

With the start of the regular season on Tuesday night against the Boston Celtics, the Cavaliers made the precautionary decision to limit Rose in practice on Monday morning, according to Nikki Goel of ClutchPoints.

The 29-year-old had shown in the preseason that he still has plenty left in the tank to be a high-impact player for the Cavaliers. He put on display his ability to effectively get to the rim when need be while also creating for others off that aspect of his game.

All of this has made keeping him healthy a point of emphasis for the Cavaliers ahead of the season opener. Rose also added that he understands why the team has gone forth with that plan of action with him because winning an NBA title is the ultimate goal.

“They just want to make sure I’m being preserved and I’m fine and healthy through June.”

There may be a stretch during the season where the Cavaliers may temper things a bit to ensure that he stays relatively healthy throughout the entire year. It will be up to Rose to exercise much patience with the process while remaining focused on the long-term play of the situation.

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