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David Griffin sees a better post-LeBron James Cavs team than 2010

David Griffin, LeBron James

Despite the horrible season the Cleveland Cavaliers are having, former general manager David Griffin believes the Cavs are in a much better position now compared to the hole they were stuck in nearly a decade ago.

According to the 45-year-old Griffin, when LeBron James left the Cavs in 2010, he left the team in a complete mess and in far worse shape than how he left the current team:

“You can look back at the (2010-11) roster and see the team back then had no one like Kevin Love,” said Griffin.

Griffin does make a valid point here. Aside from Love, the 2018 post-LeBron Cavs team also has a potential cornerstone stud in Collin Sexton. On paper, this team is definitely far better off than the 2010 side.

Griffin went on to belabor his point by explaining that the type of mindset the organization and the city currently has also plays a pivotal role in the matter:

“Think back to what it was like when LeBron left (in 2010),” said Griffin. “It was an emotional storm. The whole city was galvanized (against James). The goal was to make the playoffs without him.

“Just like now, we had a huge advantage of an owner (Dan Gilbert) willing to take on money to help add assets and draft picks,” said Griffin. “He’s doing it again.”

With the Cavs conceding the fact that this is already a lost season, it puts them in a much better position to focus on their future. And as Griffin points out, this is exactly what the team is doing right now.

The future is far brighter for the Cavs right now compared to 2010, and this is definitely something that will help ease the pain of such a horrendous season for the Cleveland faithful.

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